Rehearsal Dinner

I know I’m doing this a little backwards with honeymoon pictures up before the wedding, but when have I ever done things the most rational way?  Here are the ones that one of my best friends, Beck, took at mine at Carter’s rehearsal dinner.  Beck was a bridesmaid and has been one of my dear friends since about the 10th grade… more of her fabulous work can be found on Facebook at B Side Snapshots, including mine and Carter’s engagement pictures.

Beck took tons of great photos throughout the evening, but here are a few of our favorites:


This is my family… we hate we didn’t get one of Carter’s family, too, but we’ll have one later from the wedding 🙂

My maid of honor Becca. Don’t know what I’d do without this girl!!

Carter’s dad, Kenny. He was our emcee for the night, and he did a great job!

My dad giving his “Father of the Bride” speech. He went back to the River Inn several weeks after our dinner and the waiter remembered his speech, saying he’d never heard a father say “he couldn’t have hand-picked anyone better” about the man his daughter was marrying.  Dad is grateful he can honestly say that! 

Chris, Carter’s twin brother. I’m so lucky to get to have such a fun and loving brother in law!

My little brother, Clayton. We’re both blessed to have great brothers, who both got a little emotional 🙂 Love them to death!

Finally, the bride and groom! All smiles from a perfect evening and start to our life together.

We had the rehearsal dinner at the rooftop of the River Inn in Harbor Town (Mud Island, Memphis).  It was absolutely perfect–all of our friends and family were there together enjoying each other and the beautiful view of the city, and even the weather turned out to be perfect.  We hated for it to end, but we truly enjoyed each second and felt so blessed to have so many people who love us and support us all together.


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