Wedding Reception

We were so thrilled that so many of our family and friends came to our reception after the wedding to celebrate with us!  After leaving the West Memphis First United Methodist Church, Carter and I rode off and headed toward 409 South Main, the old building where a great band, plenty of Corky’s BBQ, beautiful decorations, and many hugs awaited us.

These photos capture some of the night’s events, but hardly puts a dent in acknowledging all of our friends and family that were a part of our lovely evening or of the several hour dance party that ensued after the camera was put away.  I know you only get married once, but it’s a shame you don’t get all your favorite people together more often to “eat, drink and be merry!”

Also not pictured— Carter and me eating Corky’s BBQ on our bed in the hotel room at 2 a.m. after our wonderful wedding coordinator brought us our to-go boxes when we left them behind. Needless to say, we were STARVING!


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